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Amusement Park Meteor hammer rides

Type: Swing
Power: 30kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The meteor hammer ride is a exciting amusement ride, comprising of a center pillar and two steel arms. And each of them has many seats at the end for passengers to sit. At the beginning, two arms will do irregular circular motion in the opposite direction. That not only gives a unforgettable dizzy feeling, but also brings a special visual experience.

The meteor hammer ride is made of superior materials, which is durable, solid, antiseptic, sun-resistant. And they are painted through the dust-free spray technique, which makes the color brighter and more durable. All these techniques not only ensure products’ safety, but also bring an entertaining visual experience. Besides, professional producers can customized the equipment’s appearance, color and size according to clients’ demands. Welcome to inquire!



Technical parameters

Type  Voltage Power Height Area Material Passengers
Swing 380V 30kw 7m 10*10 m FRP+Steel 16 persons



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