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Amusement Park Dragon Pirate Ship

Cover area: 5m*13m
Power: 7kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The dragon pirate ship is similar with classic pirate ship, but producers use the head of dragon as the ship’s bow and stern. As we all know, the dragon is the symbol of China, and respected by Chinese. Thus, the appearance becomes more attractive and fascinating, and favored by customers. The dragon pirate ship is a classic amusement ride swinging around the horizontal axis to and fro. The equipment’s main characteristic is completing circular motion. Passengers sit on the seat, protected by the safety bar, swinging from a slow speed to a high speed. Then, they maybe feel like riding on a real pirate ship in the ocean. And that is one of the reason why customers love it.

This product has less limitation of sites, so it can be used in parks, gardens, kidder gardens and other outdoor playgrounds. And our professional staff will provide global delivery and door-to-door installation. Thus, it is a worthy investment. Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer independently producing amusement rides for many years. We have numerous experienced producers and advanced equipment to ensure products’ quality, thus all products are welcomed at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our exclusive services is another attraction. Welcome to inquire!
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