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Amusement Giant Pendulum Rides

Capacity: 16 person
Power: 14kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The giant pendulum ride is a popular rotating amusement ride at home and abroad. The idea of its motion comes from the clock oscillation, and the motion trail is similar to the clock oscillation. There is a huge disk under the arm with many seats at the edge. When the arm swings as a hand of the clock, it will drive the disk swinging and then rotating surrounding its axis. Passengers sit on the rotating Frisbee swing side to side, and will be addicted to the sense of weightlessness. Due to the exciting rotating, lots of passengers cannot help hailing and screaming, which always attracts more visitors to have a try.

The giant pendulum conforms to customers’ desire of adventure, thus it is welcomed by teenagers. Though it is a very exciting amusement ride, there are double insurances to guarantee passengers’ safety. And it can bring nice profits for investors. In a word, it is definitely a worthy investment item.
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Photo Detail

Amusement Giant Pendulum Rides

Technical Parameters

Capacity Area size Height Max Swing Angle Material Voltage/Power
6 seats 5m*4m 5m 90 FRP+Steel 380V/5KW
16 seats 10m*12m 9m 120 FRP+Steel 380V/14KW


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